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The Primary School for Adults “A. С. – Makarenko” is the only educational center for adult education n the city of Skopje and in the Republic of North Macedonia. It is located in the north-eastern part of the city of Skopje in Chair municipality on St. John F. Kennedy No.32.

Chair is located along the northern (left) bank of the Vardar River, opposite the modern city center. It borders Centar Municipality to the southwest, Karposh Municipality to the west, Butel Municipality to the north, and Gazi Baba Municipality to the east.

According to the last national census from 2002, Čair has 64,773 inhabitants. Ethnic groups in the municipality include:

Albanians = 36,921 (57.0%)

Macedonians = 15,628 (24.1%)

Turks = 4,500 (6.9%)

Roma = 3,083 (4.8%)

Bosniaks = 2,950 (4.6%)

others = 1,691 (2.6%)

The school has a rich tradition and has existed for more than 50 years. First from 1963 to 1972 under the name of the Primary School of Adults”Kocho Racin”, and from 1973 until today with the current name “Anton Semyonovich – Makarenko”.

It operates as a Central School with several regional centers in the city and its surroundings, moreover wherever there are interested visitors who have not formed primary education. The number of visitors and the layout of the regional centers have changed over the years depending on the needs of the visitors and the social changes. The teaching is carried out in Macedonian and Albanian language.

The school gives an opportunity to all interested visitors to complete and finish primary education and the chance to continue their education in high school.

The school has a highly professional teaching staff.

For the past 50 years, the below mentioned, had the honor of running this school:

Nomber Name  Surname   From To
1 Dushan Prodanov Principal 01.09.1965 30.11.1968
2 Tomislav Dimishkovski Principal 01.12.1968 10.06.1977
3 Josif Atanasovski Principal 11.06.1977 01.12.1982
4 Andrej Sazdovski Principal 10.01.1983 06.09.1999
5 Boris Miljanovski Principal 06.09.1999 03.02.2005
6 Ram Ramadani Principal 03.02.2005 01.03.2013
7 Hazbi Topojani Principal 13.03.2013