For the work at the Primary School of Adults



The informant was established on the basis of the Law on Primary Education, the Law on Adult Education, and the rulebooks for work. The informant was published on behalf of the Primary School of Adults “ANTON SEMYONOVICH – MAKARENKO”, Chair – Skopje. The responsible person is the principal of the school: Mr. Hazbi Topojani.


  • Basic information about the work of the Primary School for Adults “A.S. – Makarenko” -Skopje
  • Structure
  • School board
  • School principal
  • Description of work with related rules
  • List of requested information
  • Regulations according to which the school operates
  • Archiving


  • Basic information about the work of the Primary School for Adults A.S. – Makarenko-Skopje

Address: St. John F. Kennedy No.32.

Chair municipality – Skopje


  • Structure


Administrative Body: The School Board

Governing body (authority): The headmaster

Professional associate: School pedagogue

Teaching staff: Classroom teaching and subject teaching

Administration: Secretary

Technical staff: School cleaners and a janitor

School board
Teaching staff
Professional Associate
Technical staff
The Principal – Hazbi Topojani


  • School Board

The school board is the governing body of the primary school. The school board of the primary school “AS Makarenko” – Skopje is consisted of 9 members: 3 teacher representatives, 3 parents, 2 of the Founder and 1 of the Ministry of Education and Science.

Members of the School Board are:

1.Rufki Loku – School Board President

2.Osman Azirovich

3.Fadil Zendeli

4.Vangel Miskovski 

5.Silvana Naumova 


7.Isen Zekiri – Founder’s representative

  •   The school principal

The school principal is the governing body, who represents the school, and the one who is responsible for the legal operation, organizing, planning and managing the work of the adult primary school.

The principal of the Primary School for Adults “A.S. Makarenko “- Skopje is

Mr. Hazbi Topojani.

  • Description of work with related rules

The school is obliged to provide regular, on-time and complete notifications at the request of the school staff, parents, students and all other interested parties about the work of the school.

The employees are informed about the work of the school and its bodies through a  bulletin board.

The information is provided by the principal and the school board.

Informing can also be done by publishing a school newspaperor a report.

  • List of requested information

In order to protect confidential data and information in the field of defense, the school implements measures to protect the confidentiality of data relevant to defense.

All data and documents that constitute a business secret must be marked “confidential” or “strictly confidential”.

The obligation to keep a business secret lasts until the principal of the school or the body that provided the data gives consent for exemption from keeping the business secret.

  • Regulations according to which the school operates


  • Law on primary education
  • Law on adult education
  • Rules based on Article 27 of the Law on Primary Education (Official Gazette of NRM no. 44/95 and 21/96)
  • Statute of the school
  • School Code
  • Annual school work program
  • School development plan


  • Archiving

All items are archived. The data and documents classified as business secret are kept in a specially designated room, they are kept and handled by an employee authorized by the school principal, with a special decision.

The certification, archiving, destruction of materials that are a business secret is performed by the school principal who got an order from a competent authority.

Confidentiality is a serious breach of duty.