Calendar of Red Cross of the Republic of North Macedonia

Planned activities Aims Accredited Realization time Methods and procedures of realization
Week to fight against tuberculosis and other lung diseases Protection – prevention of lung diseases Responsible teacher September Educational lectures
Hygiene in hallways, yards and toilets Raising awareness among visitors to maintain hygiene in hallways, courtyards and toilets Administrator of an educational groupResponsible teacher October/November Educational lectures, presentation
Decorating the school in a New Year’s ambiance New Year’s ambiance in the school Visitors, Administrator of an educational group December Organizing workrooms for making New Year decorations
Conversations with experts – doctors for protection against epidemiological diseases Introduction to the treatment and prevention of epidemiological diseases Responsible teacher,A doctor January/February Educational lectures, presentation
Actions for cleaning and tidying the school yard Raising awareness among the visitors for arranging the school yard Visitors,Responsible teacher March/April Actions for cleaning and tidying the school yard
Lectures for visitors: – Smoking and health

Drugs and the consequences of its usage

Introduction to the negative consequences of addictive diseases – smoking and drug and narcotics abuse Administrator of an educational group May/June Educational lectures, presentation