Mission and vision


“Education is the key to overcoming poverty, adapting and integrating into social life”

The mission of the Primary School for Adults “A.S. – Makarenko” is to educate and students through regular and preparatory classes in an atmosphere where the professional staff takes care of all those who have not completed primary education to complete it and prepare for a better life. Visitors from consultative teaching and regular classes can gain the necessary knowledge and skills to be competitive in the labor market.

In fact, the key goals for improving the quality of teaching and better working conditions are reflected, through a process of continuous development and continuous effort of all entities.

The school supports the professional development of the teaching staff and provides equal opportunities for development and education of the students.


It incorporates norms for mutual respect and behavior with built-in clear attitudes for accepting the challenges brought to us by the modern rhythm of living.

Slogan: “Lifelong learning”


Education for all….

Training of young people and adults for a better life

Learning from birth to the end of life

With quality and commitment to top results for a better tomorrow..


“We strive for the school to be a pleasant place where students – visitors will acquire not only knowledge, but also skills, habits and attitudes.”

Our aim is to make the school a place where students – visitors will successfully gain knowledge a place where students’ knowledge will be monitored and valued according to quality.

The advantage is the strengthening of the sense of democracy in the work, the employees to participate in decision-making, solving certain problems and taking responsibility.

We strive for the school to be a pleasant environment in which students will acquire not only quality knowledge, but also skills, habits and attitudes, an environment of mutual cooperation with parents and the local environment, an educational institution with a high professional attitude of the teaching staff.