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    The principal – Hazbi Topojani

    Ladies and Gentlemen, I am addressing you with a request to start a successful cooperation. The Primary School for Adults A.S. – Makarenko is located in Skopje, in Chair municipality, at St.John F. Kennedy No.32. Theschool is fully equipped with the necessary teaching aids and offers you a second opportunity to shape your basic education. The teachers who teach have an appropriate professional profile and are all trained through special seminars for working with adults.

    The visitors (students) in our school complete two classes in one school year.

    The education is free. After completing primary education, students can continue their education in high schools according to their wishes and abilities.

    If there are interested visitors among you who want to shape their education in our school, we are at your disposal to contact us at the above address.

    I wish our cooperation to be mutually beneficial, in order to help all those who for various reasons can’t attend regular schools.

  • dragi

    Secretary – Dragi Rajevski


    Contact   02/2622-478

    e-mail- a.s.makarenko@hotmail.com

  • Pedagogue – Armen Selmani


    Contactтел. 02/2622-478

    e-mail- a.s.makarenko@hotmail.com


    “All people in life are given a second chance, so that all citizens who for various reasons didn’t finish primary education and express a desire and interest to finish primary school, can enroll in our school and complete their educationl.”

  • biblioteka


    The Primary School for Adults “A. С. – Makarenko”- Skopje has a rich fund of books, and the library counts to over 3,000 books. The fund is distributed to students and teachers, and consists of a large number of works of fiction, educational literature, textbooks, magazines…

    In addition to books, the library has access to the Internet and has a collection of CDs and modern teaching aids that can be used in the performance of multimedia and interdisciplinary teaching.

    Gulten Kaloshi takes care of our books in our library.


    Nr. Name and Surname   Teachin Subject
    1. Bakiu Mustafa   Math-Physics
    2. Fuga Mendu   General Technical Education
    3. Chajljani Lokman   History – Geography
    4. Nuredini Kenan   Physics – Chemistry
    5. Matikj Marta   Classroom teacher
    6. Stojnoska Tanja   Classroom teacher
    7. Trpkoski Goran   Math-Physics
    8. Zekirovich Senad   Geography
    9. Kostadinoska Aneta   Classroom teacher
    10. Bozarova Tanja   Classroom teacher
    11. Hodza Ardian   Albanian Language
    12. Jovanovska Natasha   Classroom teacher
    13. Cvetkovska Adrijana   Classroom teacher
    14. Kaevska Olivera   Macedonian Language
    15. Ismani Gazmend   Albanian Language
    16. Topojani Zulfi   Math-Physics
    17. Ramadani Ram   Albanian Language
    18. Nikolovski Robert   Macedonian Language
    19. Stanikevska Suzana   Math-Pysics
    20. Fuga Jonuz   General Technical Education
    21. Miladinova Sandra   Math-Pysics
    22 Toshovska Biljana   Physics – Chemistry
    23 Sokolovska Larisa   Classroom teacher
    24 Mladenovski Zoran   History
    25 Mishkovski Vangel   Classroom teacher
    26 Numova Silvana   Macedonian Language
    27 Vjollca Redzepi   Biology
    28 Rizvanovikj Dzenan   Biology – Chemistry
    29 Artan Agushi   Informatic
    30 Blerta Limani   Geoography
    31 Stefanija Jovevska   English Language
    32 Luljeta Imeri   Classroom teacher
    33 Valdrin Ajro   Administrator ESARU
    34 Ismail Bafjari   Albanian Language

  • Nr. Name and Surname Role
    1. Topojani Sali Dzemile Administrator – bookingclerk
    2. Arian Jashari House Master
    3. Davinovska Snezana Janitor
    4. Vasileva Biljana Janitor
    5. Ilievski Milosh Janitor
    6. Kurti Dzeladin Janitor
    7. Mahmud Gyler Janitor